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      Uchila Umesh
Faculty: Professor
Department of Marketing
Washington State University, Vancouver

Phone: 360-546-9760
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  • Marketing: Technology-based start-up companies
Teaching Area:
  • Ph.D. - Marketing
  • MBA - Marketing
  • MBA - Technology Management
  • Undergraduate - Entrepreneurship
  • Undergraduate - Management and Operations
  • Undergraduate - Marketing
  • Outsourcing as a Model of Fast-Growth Entrepreneurial Companies
        Outsourcing allows firms to focus on their core competency while allowing others that are specialized in particular functional areas to provide services in needed areas that are not its core competency. Fast-growth entrepreneurial companies need every resource to accelerate their growth. By examining a sample of fast growth entrepreneurial companies, it is possible to determine the different stages of development that they are currently undergoing. These stages of development are different from the normal stages of development of companies, which is one reason the firms have been classified as fast-growth. Determining these differences in the cycle of development is an important first step in understanding the evolution of fast-growth entrepreneurial firms and the areas of their focus at each stage. Persistent fast-growth rates are a function of certain factors such as belief in the management team, incentive wages and options, growth orientation, and intensity of sales and marketing efforts. Outsourcing is influenced by these factors, as it is a natural strategy for entrepreneurial firms with high levels of these factors if fast growth is desired. A survey of over 700 firms is used to estimate the models.
  • Economics of Entrepreneurhip in E-Learning Ventures
        E-Learning is one of the bright spots in the entrepreneurial dot-com space. While many dotcoms shut down, many E-learning ventures have continued to expand. The economics of E-learning products and services are such that they are competitive with traditional learning and training. In addition to the costs of offering these courses, or taking these courses, there are many incidental costs of traditional education and training such as travel, disruption of work schedules and efficiency of educational process. The costs of providing these courses vis-à-vis traditional classes as well as the costs to the student or trainee are both examined. While initial costs are typically high, the economist Armen Alchian's principles of Experience curves suggest that costs decline over time. Reducing these costs is an important process that entrepreneurs go through to gain competitive advantage. Experience curve effects are used to examine costs of a fast-growth publicly traded E-learning company to explain their success.
  • Ph.D., Business/Administration/Marketing, University of Washington, 1983
  • MBA, Marketing/Operations Management, University of Rochester, 1980
  • MS, Operations Research, University of Rochester, 1980
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 1977
Professional Memberships:

  • American Marketing Association
  • Association for Consumer Research
  • Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences
  • Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum
  • Article (Refereed conference proceedings): "The Social Network Value of Innovation Hotspots in Emerging and Developed Markets," American Educators Winter conference, 2013    V I E W   A B S T R A C T
  • Article (Refereed conference proceedings): "Predicting a Patent's Lifetime Value (PLV) using Patent Rank," INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Boston, MA, 2012    
  • Article (Refereed conference proceedings): "Better Patent Data, Better Innovation Research," INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Boston, MA, 2012    
  • Article (Refereed conference proceedings): "Patent Data and Marketing Science," Marketing Science Conference, 2011    
  • Article (Refereed conference proceedings): "Patent Rank and Firm Performance," Marketing Science Conference, 2011    
  • Book (Monograph): "Positioning Analysis and Strategies", 2010    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Multi-Channels Strategy Implementation: The Role of Channel Alignment Capabilities," Decision Sciences, 2009    V I E W   A B S T R A C T
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Outsourcing and Performance in Entrepreneurial Firms: Contingent Relationships with Entrepreneurial Configurations, Best Article of the Year Finalist at Decision Sciences and was in the running to win the Paper of the Year in Decision Sciences," Decision Sciences, 2008    V I E W   A B S T R A C T
  • Article (Refereed conference proceedings): "Entrepreneur's Market Development and Business Growth Strategies," INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, 2008    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "A Typology of Interfirm Relationships: The Role of Information Technology and Reciprocity," Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 2007    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Current Issues Faced by Technology Entrepreneurs," Communications of the ACM, 2007    
  • Article (Refereed conference proceedings): "Entrepreneurial Configurations: What's Driving the Outsourcing - Performance Linkage?," Proceedings, Academy of Management Conference, Hawaii, 2005    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Creating Successful Entrepreneurial Ventures in the Computing and Information Technology Industries," Communications of the ACM, 2005    V I E W   A B S T R A C T
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Determining the Quality of Conjoint Analysis Results Using Violation of A Priori Signs," Journal of Business Research, 2005    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Strategies for Bridging Research and Practice: Lessons from Paul Green," Market Research and Modeling: Progress and Prospects; International Series in Quantitative Marketing, 2004    
  • Article (Refereed conference proceedings): "Outsourcing as a Model of Fast-Growth Entrepreneurial Companies," INFORMS, Marketing Science Conference, Rotterdam, Holland, 2004    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "E-Learning as an Emerging Entrepreneurial Enterprise in Universities and Firms," Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 2003    V I E W   A B S T R A C T
  • Article (Newspaper): "Venture Capital's Foul Weather Friends," Wall Street Journal Newspaper, 2003    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "The Interplay of Task Allocation Patterns and Governance Mechanisms in Industrial Distribution Channels," Industrial Marketing Management, 2002    V I E W   A B S T R A C T
  • Article (Refereed conference proceedings): "The Reciprocal Influence of Financing Available to Technological Early-Stage Firms on Marketing Strategies," Marketing of Technology Oriented Products and Services in the Global Environment, 2002    
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Deal Evaluation and Purchase Intention: The Impact of Aspirational and Market-Based Internal Reference Prices," Journal of Product and Brand Management, 2000    V I E W   A B S T R A C T
  • Article (Refereed journal): "Effect of Level of Disaggregation on Conjoint Cross Validations: Some Comparative Findings," Decision Sciences, 1998    

  • Visiting Faculty, University of Texas at Austin, 1994
  • Visiting Associate Professor, The Wharton School, The University of Pennsylvania, 1994-1995
  • Visiting Faculty, University of Texas at Austin, 1986
  • Research Fellow, IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin, 1994

  • Wave the Flag, Flag Waver
  • Scholarship Committee, Member, evaluator
  • UPPC, Member
  • Ph.D. student activities, Various - Chair, grader
  • MBA 702 Committees, Chair and member
  • Reviewer, R&D Management and AMA
  • Global Case Competition, Advisor
  • EMBA 702 Committee, Chair
  • UPPC, Member
  • Ph.D. student activities, Various - Chair, grader etc.
  • Faculty Search Committee for Management, Member
  • MBA 702 Committee in Vancouver, Chair and member
  • Faculty Organization Executive Committee, Member
  • R&D Management, European Journal of Operations Research, Summer AMA conference, Reviewer
  • AMA Educators Winter Conference, Session Chair
  • Ph.D. student activities, College of Business member
  • UPPC, Member
  • MBA 702 Committees, Chair or member
  • Faculty Search Committee, Member
  • Reviewer, Ad hoc reviewer
  • Space Advisory Committee, Member
  • Faculty Organization Executive Committee, Committee Member
  • Ph.D. Committee for Monte Shaffer, Chair, Ph.D. Committee
  • Undergraduate Program Policy Committee, Member
  • MBA, Chair and member of committees
  • College Tenure Committee, Marketing Representative
  • Admissions office, Phone Caller
  • Tenure Committee in Engineering for Wei Xue and Stephen Solovitz, Chair
  • Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research, and Academy of Management Review, Reviewer
  • Business Department, Peer Reviewer
  • Excellence in Family Business Awards, Judge, State-wide committee for Oregon State University
  • Hiring Committee for faculty position at WSU, TC, Member of Committee
  • Space Advisory Committee, Member
  • Ph.D. student activities, Department member
  • Rotary Club, Featured Speaker
  • Ph.D. Committee, Chair
  • Undergraduate Program Policy Committee (UPPC), Member
  • MBA Committes, Chair and member on committees
  • ROAR and other Admissions events, member, member
  • General Education Advisory Baord (GEAB), Member, Member
  • Admissions office, Phone caller
  • Journal and Conferences, Reviewer
  • Entrepreneur Field Trip, Organizer
  • Tenure Committee in Engineering, Chair the committee for Linda Chen in ME and Scott Wallace in CS
  • Do peer review of classroom teaching, Peer reviewer
  • College Tenure Committee, Member
  • Ph.D. Committee member, Chair
  • Undergraduate Program Policy Committee, Member
  • MBA Committees, Chair of three and member of four committees
  • Engineering 3rd year review of assistant professor Committee, Chair
  • Promote MBA program at Vancouver, Direct the students
  • Admissions Office, Professor
  • Entrepreneur Club, Faculty Advisor
  • ROAR and other admissions events, member
  • PACE Academy, Speaker
  • WSU and Rotary Club, Speaker
  • Career Fair Committee member, Member
  • Journals and Conferences, Reviewer
  • GEAB General Education Advisory Board, Member
  • Ph.D. Committee, Member
  • Undergraduate Program Policy (UPPC) Committee, Member
  • Business Plan Competitions, Advisor
  • Recruiting Committee for WSU tri-cities Marketing assistant professor position, Member
  • Recruiting Committee for WSU Pullman Marketing assistant professor position, Member
  • Entrepreneur Club WSU Vancouver, Advisor
  • ROAR admissions event + Academic Life Fair, area representative
  • Admissions office calling students, Phone caller
  • Challenge Program Committee, Vancouver School District, Member
  • Career Fair Committee, Member
  • Professional Coffee for Marketing and Management, Representative
  • MBA Committee, Chair or Member
  • Engineering 3rd year review Committee, Chair
  • Journals and Conferences, Reviewer
  • Promote the Vancouver MBA Committee, Chair
  • Undergraduate Program Policy Committee (UPPC), Member
  • Ph.D. Committee, Member
  • WSU Vancouver MBA/MTM Committees, Chair or member of different committees
  • Recruiting committee for tri-cities Marketing faculty position, member
  • National Science Foundation, Journal of Satistical Planning and Inference and Journal of Business Research, Ad hoc reviewer
  • Advisor to Student Business Plan competitions, Advisor
  • Advising sessions and coffees, Attendee and discussant
  • Third year review committee in engineering, member
  • Search Committee for Communications Coordinator of WSU Vancouver, Member
  • Non-tenured faculty member course reviewer, teaching reviewer
  • Admissions office, Phonathan caller
  • College Entrepreneurial Activities, Member
  • University of Washington Graduate School Committee to evaluate its branch campus business programs, Member
  • Challenge Program Committee, Vancouver School District, Member
  • UPPC Undergraduate Program Policy Committee, Member
  • Technology Steering Committee, Member
  • CBE Dean's Office Marketing Task Force, Member
  • Ph.D. Program Committee Member, Committee Member
  • SBO Student Business Organization Advisor, Advisor
  • WSU MBA/MTM Programs, Chair or Member, Chair or Member of Committee
  • Faculty Recruiting Activities, Member
  • Review submisions, Reviewer
  • Advisor to Student Business Plan Competitions, Advisor
  • Undergraduate Program Policy Committee, Member
  • CBE Technology Steering Committee, Member
  • CBE Dean's office Marketing Task Force, Member
  • Student Business Organization, Advisor
  • Student Business Partnership, In-charge until June
  • Faculty Recruiting Committee, Member
  • Various Journals and conferences, Reviewer
  • Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum, Member of Judging Committee
  • WSU MBA/MTM programs, Chair or member
  • Ph.D. Program, Member
  • Student Competition at University of Washington, Advisor
  • Technology Steering Committee, Member
  • Undergraduate Program Policy Committee, Member
  • Student Business Organization, Faculty Advisor
  • Student Business Partnership, Vancouver, Chair and organizer
  • Assessment Committee, Our committee per se is not meeting any more; I did a report that was relevant for faculty assessment.
  • Web User's Group, Member
  • Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum, Selection Committee and reviewer
  • MBA and MTM Committes for final 702 exam, Chair or Member of 10 Committees
  • Sociological Methods & Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Research, Association for Consumer Research, etc., Reviewer
  • Ph.D. Committee, Member
  • Assessment Committee, Member
  • Business Student Partnership, Chair
  • Web Design and Implementation of Website for Business Department at WSU Vancouver, Chair and only member
  • Engineering Recruitment and Education Committee, Member and Helper
  • Obtaining Laptops for the Business Department, As a consequence of assisting in projects for classes
  • National Science Foundation, Reviewer
  • Sociological Methods and Research, Harvard University, Reviewer
  • MBA 702 Committee, Member or Chair
  • Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Reviewer
  • Journal of Retailing, Reviewer
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Editorial Board Member
  • George Day Doctoral Dissertation Award (National), Reviewer
  • Research in Consumer Behavior, Reviewer
  • American Marketing Association Summer Conference, Reviewer
  • Carleton University, School of Business, External Theses Examiner and Dissertation Committee Member
  • George Day Doctoral Dissertation Award (National), Reviewer
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Editorial Board Member
  • Association for Consumer Research, Reviewer
  • Sociological Methods & Research, Reviewer
  • Journal of Marketing research, Reviewer
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Editorial Board Member
  • Journal of Business Venturing, Reviewer
  • Journal of Marketing Research, Reviewer
  • AMAs John A. Howard Doctoral Dissertation Competition, Reviewer
  • Sociological Methods & Research, Reviewer
  • Best Article Finalist for 2008 articles published in Decision Sciences , Decision Sciences Journal , 2008
  • Student teams won 1st and 3rd prize in the Community Business Track, Business Plan Competition , Hogan School, Gonzaga University , 2007
  • Honorable Mention for Student Group , WSU Pullman Business Plan Competition , 2005
  • Investment Round Selection at UW Business Plan competition (only WSU team to reach this round) , UW , 2005
  • Doctoral Proposal Dissertation National Award 2003/2004 won by doctoral student David Wallace under the guidance of committee Jean Johnson, U. N. Umesh and Don Stem , ISBM Institute, Pennsylvania State University , 2004
  • Global Student Entrepreneurs Regional Student Award; Student Team Finalists at International Competition in Chicago , GSEA , 2004
  • Investment Round Selection of 3 teams at UW Student Entrepreneurship Competition , University of Washington , 2004
  • Teaching Innovation Grant , CBE, Washington State University , 2004
  • Interview , Digital Web Magazine , 2003
  • Teaching Innovation Award , CBE, Washington State University , 2003

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